Dinning area at Pure Thai Cookhouse

When I was in New York City a few weeks ago my girlfriend and I went to meet my cousin and her husband for lunch in Manhattan at Pure Thai Cookhouse. The restaurant was amazing, it was made of all wood from the noodle cooking station in the center so you could peak over and see what the chef was doing, to the picnic table style seating all the while listening to first wave Thai ska music (which I had never heard before, but knew exactlywhat it was). All of the plates were different colors and there was a little section near the register where you could buy all sorts of toys and snacks from Thailand. I knew from just the decor of the restaurant we were in for a real treat, the food looked so good we almost ended up ordering everything on the menu.
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Before reading the following review I have to say one thing. I’m not really a fan of sandwiches, but over the past few month I have been trying and finding some places serving sandwiches I have come to crave and the newest place I’ve found in San Diego was something I was really excited to try called Fat Sal’s Deli located in Pacific Beach. Fat Sal’s Deli is a junk food paradise, each one of their sandwiches has no less than 3 different types of meat, most of which you have never hear paired together before.
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wolfgang_LAXAs I begin another weekend adventure I find myself close to home in Los Angeles at LAX with five hours to kill until my connecting flight takes off. I decided to check out the Wolfgang Puck restaurant bar to treat myself to  a nice meal and a couple of drinks. I ordered the four cheese pizza with wild mushroom, and a bibb lettuce salad with roasted beets, walnuts, and gorgonzola on top. I also had a few big boy drinks, so I could pass out on the plane. The pizza was very crispy from the wood fire over, it had gorgonzola, mozzarella, and goat cheese with a pesto pasta sauce and some basil and tomatoes. Continue reading