I lived in San Diego from December of 2009 until April of 2013 and found lots of interesting and inexpensive foods. Here’s the list (in no particular order):

1. South Beach Bar & Grill (Ocean Beach) - One of the first places in SD that I loved. If you like tacos or just seafood in general this is the perfect place for you. All day long Tuesday and every night after 10:30 PM all of the tacos on the menu (except the lobster taco) are $2.50 and the portions are out of control big. You can get anything from a wahoo to fried oyster taco. Not only are the tacos great and the beer plenty there is a perfect view of the OB pier and the ocean, making for a great place to catch the sunset.
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On all of my visits to the DC area so far one stop always has to be made, King Street Blues BBQ is a must when visiting the DMV area. They are open for lunch and dinner with extraordinarily affordable prices, located in historic downtown Alexandria, VA. I usually get the same thing here, when you can do that at a restaurant and keep going back time and time again you know they are doing it right. King Street is a very casual, friendly environment with a bar area and upstairs dinning with a bunch of zany decorations (think about the colors and over exaggerated feel of Roger Rabbit).

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